Project Cargo


CACC Cargo is experienced in managing the logistics of special projects, including aircraft chartering and the coordination of out-of-gauge (O.O.G.) cargo. Our expertise is extended worldwide throughout our network of Panalpina that will handle the details of local dispatch and when required, expertise on site-to-site coordination. Examples of CACC’s special projects include:


The largest movement to Curacao of sea-containers, including logistics services of special road equipment and on-site hoisting and positioning of the pre-fabricated office units. Customer: E-Commerce Park (;
Full logistics of transportation from Sweden to Curacao of Erricson GSM Mobile Telecommunication Masts, including hillside positioning of the masts in Curacao. Customer: United Telecommunication Services (UTS) (;
A full air charter of 100 live ostriches from Africa to Curacao, including special local trucking to the farm. Customer: Curacao Ostrich and Game farm (
The team assigned to your project will organise any specialist equipment required and will also prepare the route and transfer points, arranging for modifications to be made to roads and structures where necessary.


Panalpina operates in most of the world’s major areas of oil and energy production and their teams are expert in both onshore and offshore logistics. CACC therefore has at its disposal 25 years of experience in West Africa and the US Gulf, which can be applied in the markets CACC services.